Do You Trust Your Wedding DJ?

You trust your fiancé. You trust the folks in your wedding party.

But do you trust your wedding DJ?

Planning a wedding is a tremendous undertaking. In the middle of finding a venue, shoes, and the perfect bridal dress, choosing a DJ can be an afterthought. In reality, it is one of the most important decisions you make. After all, you want your wedding event to be remembered for the right reasons. No bride wants to hear, “It was a beautiful ceremony, but the reception was terrible!”

Here are a couple of things to consider while finding a trustworthy DJ.

How responsive are they to your requests?

Will your DJ play your favorite song for your first bride and groom dance? What if you don’t want to hear “The Chicken Dance?” A good DJ will take your wishes to heart and create a playlist based on your specifications. Don’t allow a big entertainment provider to treat you like a number. You may be better served by a smaller company.

Do they understand your volume concerns?

You want people to hear the music and have a great time. But if your reception venue is small, it’s easy to overwhelm the room with sound. Elderly people and young children can be sensitive to blaring music. The right DJ will be attuned to providing a memorable experience for your guests, not just a loud one.

For weddings in the greater Boston area, consider DJ Christopher and Company. A full service, family-owned business with over twenty years of experience, DJ Christopher and Company listens to your desires, plays music you enjoy, and provides an entertaining experience for all. Competitively priced and ready to start your party, we invite you to trust your DJ. Make it a reception to remember with DJ Christopher and Company.

We ARE the party!

DJ Ryan Christopher has the personal touch, and will meet with you and your fiancé as many times as you like to develop the perfect playlist and design your wedding music tailored to your needs.