Something Blissful, Something New

There are few things as mired down in tradition as the wedding ceremony. There are a whole lot of “have-to’s” that tend to squash down the “want-to’s.” Really, it’s your wedding, and you can plan it however you see fit! It’s time to rethink a few things!

The gown and veil: What’s the point of hiding your face during the wedding? Your spouse knows what you look like by now. While the traditional wedding dress is beautiful, it’s also expensive for a one-time outfit. You need not mummify yourself to get married. A trainless dress with no veil is perfectly acceptable.

You’re tossing what? One of the strangest wedding customs is hurling the bouquet into the crowd. Superstition says if you make the catch, you’ll get married next. Bouquet ownership can become a point of contention for the single women at the reception. In order to prevent a brutal bridal battle, many folks skip this portion of the proceedings.

Eat it or wear it! A tradition for decades, the giant wedding cake usually ends up a weapon in a good-natured food fight. Instead, consider a variety of small desserts. Candies, pies, even rice cereal and marshmallow treats are a viable alternative to the traditional wedding cake. You could even use a nacho cheese dispenser! Who doesn’t love nachos?

If it’s my wedding, why am I marching? People have walked down the aisle to the tune of “The Bridal March” for generations. But why not “The Imperial March” from Star Wars, or “March of the Swivel-Heads” by the English Beat? Choose the music that means something special to you.Trust your DJ. Talk to DJ Christopher and Company about arranging a ceremony with the person you love and the music you love. Together, we’ll make it an event you’ll never forget.