Photo Booth – Don’t Trust Your Selfies!

Why use a photo booth at your event? Let’s paint a picture. The lights are flashing. The music is playing. There is conversation, dancing, and laughter. Stand at the back of the room, and you can see a tremendous group of people having a wonderful time.

But when you look closer, what you’re really seeing is a nexus. Every person in attendance is a story unto themselves. This is the place where storylines meet and personal history is made. This is where personal timelines intersect, branching off into new areas.

It might be a wedding. It could be a business function. Maybe a birthday party. Give it a name. What matters are the relationships. There are people gathered from near and far, getting to know each other, finding common ground. Here are friends who have not seen each other in forever, rekindling relationships, touching base, creating new memories.

Photographs are the illustrations in the stories of our lives, freezing those special moments that can’t be recreated, preserving memories in ways that cannot be underrated or overlooked.

There may be professional photographers scurrying around, trying to make every second into a perfect shot. People may have their phones out, snapping blurry selfies, trying to take pictures of friends and only getting a shot of their shoulder. But it’s hard to take a meaningful picture while standing in a room full of wild party guests. For some pictures you need space, a place to make a moment and capture it forever.

DJ Christopher and Company can help you get away from all the photo-bombers and random picture snappers. Our wonderful open-air photo booth affords you unique opportunities to capture moments and memories that you’ll never forget. With upload capability and an on-site attendant, you’ll be able to get awesome photos away from the crowds.

Great pictures make great memories. Contact DJ Christopher for details.