Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon — Planning Your Quinceañera

Steeped in tradition yet open to modern influences, the quinceañera celebrates an important milestone in a young woman’s life. While some people use the term to refer to the party, it’s actually a direct reference to the young woman. Translated literally from the Spanish, quinceañera means “fifteen-year-old female.” The party itself is also called fiesta de quinceañera or simply the quince. In Latin culture, the quinceañera is a coming of age ritual marking the celebrant’s transition from childhood into full womanhood.

Traditionally, the celebrant chooses close friends to form a Court of Honor. These can be young women (damas), young men (chambelanes) or a combination of the two. It’s a formal affair with the guest of honor wearing a ball gown. Customary ceremony gifts include some or all of the following:

  • Tiara — a symbol of becoming a princess
  • Cross or religious medal — symbolism of faith in God and herself
  • Religious literature — A bible, prayer book, or rosary
  • Scepter — indicating authority of adulthood and responsibility for her own life

While the quinceañera traditionally starts at with a Catholic Mass, venues for the party itself can vary wildly. There are some questions that should be asked before renting space for your quinceañera.

  • Do they allow alcohol on the premises?
  • Will there be enough parking?
  • Is rehearsal time included in the reservation?
  • Where will DJ Christopher and Company set up?

From the First Waltz to the Surprise Dance, DJ Christopher and Company can work with you to make your quinceañera the unforgettable event is should be. We even have an interactive photo booth so you can capture and keep those memories forever. When you’re setting up your quinceañera, make sure to involve DJ Christopher and Company in your plans early! Whether you choose traditional music, hip-hop, or both, DJ Christopher lo tiene cubierto!